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Bird in the hand
Byrne identity
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Father and son are circling one another. “I could put you on your back, smart arse, and I’ve got you covered in the rookery, too,” says Ben Duncan, 60, played by the actor Kelton Pell in a black singlet.

“Is that a challenge, old man?” his son Ritchie (Luke Carroll), 30, fires back. “First one to 15 birds.” Grandson Clay Duncan (James Slee), 16, is assigned to count each man’s catch of short-tailed shearwaters.

Shearwaters, a type of muttonbird, also called yolla or moonbird, are harvested for food (the meat tastes like mutton), feathers for mattress fill, and the omega-3 rich oil, which is squeezed out of the birds’ guts, for medicinal use.

Funny woman, Rose Byrne. There she is, imperious and cold-blooded as Bulgarian billionaire arms dealer Rayna Boyanov on her private jet, opposite a CIA spy played by Melissa McCarthy in Paul Feig’s 2015 spy spoof titled, well, Spy. Byrne has long tresses, her hair scroll fastened with jewels.

Having dissolved a man’s throat with poison, Byrne holds a flute of champagne aloft in the jet’s blood-red interior and toasts McCarthy, who recalls being upgraded once on a commercial airline. “Premium economy?” says Byrne with clipped distaste. “Sounds like a pen for dirty animals.”

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what it means to be gay today.

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