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The art lesson
Review: Disgraced
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Oh, Melbourne, you little creative petri dish, you; you’ve outshone Sydney again. Daniel Andrews’ Labor government pledged an extra $115m in funding for the Victorian creative industries, to be spent over the next four years. On the eve of the 3 May federal budget – that time of year our Canberra leaders now traditionally celebrate by giving the arts a good booting – the Victorian government has strengthened its claim as Australia’s arts mecca.

The Andrews government’s pledge will grow Victoria’s cultural capital through new talent development programs, commissions of work, provision of co-working spaces and the announcement of an annual creative industries summit, among a list of 40 initiatives.

US writer Ayad Akhtar’s 2013 Pulitzer prize-winning play Disgraced is taut, engrossing and powerful; an examination of our post-9/11 western world, played out in one tastefully decorated, spacious Manhattan apartment.

Into it steps Amir Kapoor (Sachin Joab), a US-born, Muslim-raised merger and acquisitions specialist in a Jewish law firm. Kapoor, an apostate, has rejected Islam as a “backward way of thinking and being” and is attempting to supplant it with American capitalism – but he struggles to fully unburden himself of the cultural weight wrought by Islamic extremism.

Fifty essays and dispatches on
what it means to be gay today.

On sale at Amazon and iTunes.

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