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Forward motion
Popped memento
In 2014, self-taught Walmajarri-Nyikina painter and poet Edwin Lee Mulligan was talked into becoming a dancer. The cross-cultural dance company Marrugeku from coastal Broome in Western Australia had travelled 400km east to remote Fitzroy Crossing, seeking untapped talent.

Derby-born Mulligan, who grew up in Yakanarra and spent his earliest years in bough sheds and tents among “the last of the nomads”, had many stories to tell.

Pop, installation, music and photographic artist Darren Sylvester is putting the last touches to his consumerist art sculpture garden. Serendipitous finds are being laid for visitors to his 20-year career survey here at the National Gallery of Victoria’s Federation Square site: looking beyond the hamburger- styled couches in various sizes, new art surprises have been secreted in cavities behind the plinths.

Photos have been set upon large, freestanding walls within the space: the oldest, an image of a little girl wearing a Panasonic Discman, from 1998, becomes a memento mori for past pop technologies as well as the flicker of a fleeting experience.

Fifty essays and dispatches on
what it means to be gay today.

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