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Fruity rom-com compote
Lucky charm
A juicy watermelon is made to sound like cunnilingus while banana and rockmelon make a potent visual and aural connection. Director Sheridan Harbridge wryly recalls the early challenges of using fresh produce to simulate sex on stage: “How do you find a classy way to smack fruit together?”

In a new production of “apocalyptic romcom” 44 Sex Acts in One Week, written by playwright David Finnigan, the humble tomato makes its debut “to simulate the sound of a jade yoni egg going into my vagina”, reveals Rebecca Massey, who plays both sex coach author Malaine Gutierrez and Devil Wears Prada-style editor Irene Gamerman.

Hannah Gadsby
Body of Work

What better way to symbolise your favourable turn in fortune than with adorable bunnies, the sign of good luck?

Comedian Hannah Gadsby has marked her return to the Sydney Opera House with four rabbits across the stage, though you will probably first notice the one in the Joan Sutherland theatre that functions as a lantern, a beacon of hope.

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