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Ryan Corr previously graced a stage three years ago, playing a shock blogger who documented his active sex life in American playwright Laura Eason’s two-hander Sex with Strangers. Now, having just turned 27, he’s back starring for Sydney Theatre Company, rehearsing Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, and playing a more refined amorous chap. This fellow seduces intellectually.

For a long time, Corr was best known for years of hardscrabble in fast-paced television dramas. His work ethic has been underscored by his appearance in more than 60 episodes of Packed to the Rafters and the first season of Love Child.

The boy with a keen curiosity knew he was going to be an artist when he was three, according to his mother. He was bright, lively and liked to draw his apparently simple, cloistered world in the family's Johannesburg home, set on more than a hectare of English-style gardens.

But one day, aged six, William Kentridge wandered into the study of his father, a prominent, progressive South African barrister. There he saw a yellow and red flat box he thought must contain chocolates.

Fifty essays and dispatches on
what it means to be gay today.

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