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On the pulse
Shy rebellion
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Dividing her time between Australia and LA, Claire van der Boom has a peripatetic career and life. I meet the actress, born in Broome, in Sydney where she is playing the lead in the new ABC medical drama, Pulse. Not long after we're introduced, Claire is lightly rubbing my shoulder as a friendly gesture. Brunette and fine-featured, the 34-year-old is adept at forging a quick connection and does tactile well. "My character is feeling guilty because she's just lost a patient," she says, by way of explanation.

Claire plays Frankie, a kidney transplant patient turned transplant surgeon who must keep her medical history a secret.

Even before her high school ushered her towards an early exit, Mikala Dwyer's impulse had been to quietly rebel against her environment. She often creates her art in opposition to the space in which it will be exhibited.

"There are spaces you just feel argumentative with," says the 56-year-old Sydney-born artist. "You read the form as thought, and it's talking to someone, somehow."

Fifty essays and dispatches on
what it means to be gay today.

On sale at Amazon and iTunes.

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