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Next great Oz city?
Eyes wide open
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Last week the long-running Australian short film festival Tropfest announced that, after a tumultuous 12 months, it would be moving from Centennial Park to Parramatta Park in February. The film director and Tropfest board member George Miller welcomed the “widening” of the festival’s audience as “extremely positive” but not everybody was happy – and one Newtown-based film producer, Adam St John, said he would boycott the event.

“I won’t go to Parramatta, no way,” St John told the Daily Telegraph. “Everyone [film-makers] is based in the inner city and that’s the place they should be looking to support the emerging artists.”

Long before Eleonora Triguboff became publisher of Art & Australia magazine and a philanthropist, the Latvian-born Sydneysider was an artist. As a teenager living in Rome in the 1970s, a shopfront in the Piazza di Spagna beneath the Spanish Steps frequently captivated her. The windows displayed bronze furniture designed by two surrealist artists for an Italian brand.

Chilean-born Roberto Matta created exaggerated royal thrones; Swiss-born Meret Oppenheim made a table resting on what appeared to be bird's legs. Triguboff would graduate in 1982 with a bachelor of arts from John Cabot, an American university in Rome, majoring in art history, but decide New York was where she needed to be to emulate such outlandish design aesthetics.

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