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Most Australian theatre leaders have failed to articulate their worldview beyond their work on stages. So says Wesley Enoch, the artistic director of the Queensland Theatre Company, in a strongly worded critique.

Enoch is a Noonuccal Nuugi man from Stradbroke Island, who directed Black Diggers and I Am Eora at the Sydney Festival and the original stage version of The Sapphires. He says that while for many Indigenous cultural leaders no idea is beyond the realms of possibility, the broader Australian cultural community lacks leaders prepared to speak to politics and society at large.

At 40, hyperrealist Melbourne sculptor Sam Jinks wonders at the cycle of life and human shortcomings. Two decades after he started out creating puppets for commercials, and special effects monsters for straight-to-video movies, he aims to create “precious items for the ages, something that will last”.

A recent work, Unsettled Dogs, consists of two sculpted coyote heads sewn with vintage fox stole fur and attached to silicone casts of human bodies. It was inspired one day when a stranger pulled up outside Jinks’ Coburg studio and emptied garbage on the street.

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