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Online art during COVID-19
Oz drama on life support?
When Australian National Theatre Live began filming stage productions in capital cities six years ago, their main goal was to show them at cinemas in rural, regional and remote areas. But the coronavirus lockdown has changed the game. It's both a challenge and an opportunity for the company in the age of social isolation and self-quarantine.

The coronavirus outbreak has led the company to lobby federal arts bureaucrats to support its plans to broadcast what writers and performers are doing while theatres are shuttered for months around the country.


With Netflix et al. feasting on free-to-air business models, whither Australian drama if content quotas are eliminated?

My yarn with Lauren Carroll-Harris at #TheScreenShow on Arts on Radio National here.

My Stream Drama essay is in the
autumn 2020 edition of Meanjin.
Read the essay here.
Steve's essays Bent Man Running published in Growing Up Queer in Australia and Stream drama in Meanjin autumn 2020.
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