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Rites and wrongs
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In 2007, on a lonely stretch of the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory, a lone female driver rolled her car. She remained trapped for 36 hours, unseen by fellow motorists because the car was hidden behind scrub.

The woman was saved and although Brisbane-born, Darwin-based playwright Mary Anne Butler never met her, the driver inspired Butler’s play Broken, in which one of a trio characters - Ash, an environmental biologist - rolls her car in the Central Desert.

Soulful pop singer-songwriter and author Nakhane Toure's feature film acting debut last year prompted death threats. The threats made him "more combative", he says, while tearing him apart inside. Fearing for his safety, Toure fled his home in South Africa for London, where he now lives.

The outrage followed the 30-year-old's starring role as Xolani in John Trengove's movie The Wound (Inxeba in Xhosa language), which depicted tender male-to-male sexuality while revealing male circumcision manhood rituals in the mountains of rural South Africa.

Fifty essays and dispatches on
what it means to be gay today.

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