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Illness in character
'I pray to the spirits'
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In the early years, he was the perfect older brother. Very good looking, very cool. He played guitar and sang in a band.

All Jane Bodie's school friends fancied him. He had an after-school job, so he'd give Bodie a pound pocket money. He was both big brother and father figure, given the siblings were raised by a single north London mother.

But as a teen, his social withdrawal, odd behaviour and psychotic episodes began cutting a swathe through the family. The little sister became his parent.

Singer and actor Paul Capsis doesn't hold back, electrically channelling Amy Winehouse or Patti Smith, Bertolt Brecht or David Bowie, or pouring his soul into the subtle nuances of his own migrant family's story in the play Angela's Kitchen, which won him a 2012 Helpmann Award for best actor.

Next up, he's playing Stromboli in Windmill Theatre's production of Pinocchio.

Here he speaks about spirits in the theatre, Patti Smith, Rimbaud and Sydney's new off, off-Broadway ...

All Sorts: a love letter to Sydney,
books and social media;
all they are, all they could be ...

On sale at Amazon and iTunes.

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