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Loathsome cowboys
Justifiable cause
A man is hungry for power and needs to prove his independent worth, a trait transmitted from father to son. The rules are brutal: ignore the psychological wounds and repeat the hardline expectations on the next generation. For the cycle to be broken a man himself will have to break.

The two acts of Tommy Murphy’s new play about a famous Australian media dynasty, Packer & Sons, present a brilliant examination of mirror images; a Rorschach test of scenarios replayed across half a century, consisting of media deals anxiously forged to stay ahead of technology, political bias and influence, and merciless lessons in raising young barons.

Roadkill guy changed everything for Damon Herriman. The Adelaide-born actor had spent his first 15 adult years often playing sweet, vulnerable, nerdy guys with side parts and spectacles, from the movie The Big Steal to his recurring role on the television series Love My Way. Then he shed the clean-cut image by rubbing mud on his face and temporarily staining his teeth rotten to audition for the American horror film remake House of Wax. Starring celebrity hotel heiress Paris Hilton, that film is notable for racking up a multimillion-dollar damage bill in 2004, after a fire – started by a huge candle – burned down an entire sound stage at Movie World on the Gold Coast, forcing the actors and crew to flee.

Fifty essays and dispatches on
what it means to be gay today.

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